One rare Sparrow wasn't enough, so we bought a second one, a 2001 model.

This one came from the Canadian Government who purchased it new from Corbin Motors back in 2001. They used it for testing purposes. It had 800 miles on it when we got it.


This Sparrow was originally sold by Corbin with yellow polka dots. They were removed by the Canadian Government before we got it when they put it on static display.



Although the Sparrows were very cool as produced by the factory, it was unfortunate that the range on a fully charged pack was only 20-25 miles. Coupled with the 6 hour re-charge time, the usefullness of the Sparrow is some what limited.



We've been making some changes to this Sparrrow for a while.  A full update will come in due time. But for now, here's a front end teaser.....



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