Just as much as we love old cars, we love new ones too, particularly if they are odd or rare.
So, let me introduce our:
2011 Chrome Orange Lotus Evora S 2+0

       Lotus Cars Ltd. builds 1500-1800 total cars per year with less than 500 coming to North America. Lotus cars are hand built in England.  For 2011, Lotus only built 80 Evora S cars for the US market and this car is the 69th. It rolled off the production line in Hethel, England on July 13, 2011.

      This Evora is mid-engined and supercharged (hence the “S” designation). We ordered it in May 2011 with the Tech Pack, Sports Pack, Lifestyle Paint, Star Shield, Power Folding Mirrors, and Premium Cocobolo Leather interior with heated seats. We also ordered it as a 2+0 model, meaning that it seats only a driver and a passenger.

      This car was built for the “Federal Market” which means it was built for the North American Market to meet their specifications. (Lotus “Federal” cars have different exterior lighting and safety requirements compared to the European cars. They are also left hand drive as opposed to most right hand drive European cars.)

       2011 is the first year for the Evora S. It is also the only year you could order a Chrome Orange Evora S, as Chrome Orange was dropped from the paint options for 2012.

       There were only 2 Chrome Orange Evora S cars built for the “Federal” market. The second one went to Canada but was a 2+2 model (seats four), not a 2+0 model, and it was built with a black/graphite interior.

     This car is the only “Federal” Chrome Orange Evora S 2+0 built for North America, the only in the US, and therefore, the only one in the world.


Lotus Evora at night

Like most of our other cars, we decided to make some changes to this Lotus. However, everything we modified on it is 100% reversible, as we kept all of the OEM parts.
Some of what we added were 6K carbon fiber parts to include: A-pillars, barge boards, mirror caps, front access door, side scoops, rear diffuser, diffuser surround, engine cover and GT4 rear wing. It also sports a new GTE front end with more carbon fiber bits and the sides have functioning GTE lower front scoops. A new GTE carbon fiber rear end was also installed.  The exterior is finished off with a black racing stripe and BC Forged wheels. The interior has a painted to match center console.

Lotus Evora

Lotus Evora S